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Whether you are a new or existing patient, we would like to thank you for choosing our practice. At Gray & Bull Styling Opticians we provide high-quality services in a friendly environment. We are committed to continuing education and keeping abreast of the changes in modern eye care.

We are delighted to offer the Practice Plan - Contacts, our own membership scheme, which enables us to provide you with the care and support necessary to look after the health of your eyes and contact lens supplies.

  • Provides you with the opportunity to budget monthly for your eye care and contact lens supply, spreading the cost over the year
  • Covers all your eye examinations and contact lens check-ups
  • Includes any emergency appointments
  • Gives you special discounts on any additional products purchased


Your choice for eye care with us

As individuals we are having to make more and more provision for our own health needs. We at Gray & Bull believe that the best way of making your eye care and contact lens supply affordable, without compromising our high quality of care, is to offer you membership of our own membership scheme, which provides the following benefits:

  • A conveniant payment scheme for routine sight tests and contact lens check-ups
  • Substantial discounts on any additional products purchased


How does our membership scheme work?

Practice Plan - Contacts lets you spread the cost of your eye care and contact lens supply over the year through one payment per month.

Regular consultations with one of our optometrists are an essential part of maintaining eye health. The cost of these routine appointments will be covered within the monthly payment. Your membership fee will also cover any emergency appointments.

What's more, with Practice Plan - Contacts you'll be entitled to special discounts off any additional purchases from the practice.

Practice Plan - Contacts is tailored for you - your monthly Direct Debit payment is based on our professional fees plus the cost of contact lenses that you will need over a year.

If your eye requirements change or your contact lenses change, your monthly Direct Debit payments can be easily altered.

Practice Plan - Contacts includes:

  • Eye examinations
  • Contact lens check-ups
  • All emergency visits if required
  • Discounts on prescription glasses of 20%
  • Discounts on prescription and non-prescription sunglasses of 20%
  • Free replacement of damaged disposable contact lenses
  • Free adjustment and cleaning of spectacles

Please ask at reception for a quote for your monthly membership fee.

How do I register?

Please call in at the practice where an agreement will be completed. This will require your signature and bank account details for the Direct Debit mandate. Direct Debits are collected from your bank account on the 1st of every month. If you have any questions, please ask any member of staff.