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Updated 12th April 2021

Please read this information carefully before attending the practice for any reason. These COVID-19 practice procedures are put in place to keep you and our staff safe, whilst also complying with advice from the Government and NHS England.

These procedures may change over time, so please re-read them before attending the practice in case any of them have changed.

Before visiting the practice

  • All visits to the practice will be "by appointment" only. This includes, but not limited to,  browsing, Styling Consultations, repairs and adjustments, eye examinations, contact lens checks, collections and ordering of spectacles. This is to allow us to manage the number of people in the practice at any one time.
  • Please book your appointment by phone, email or via our website. You call us on 0115 9418121 during our opening hours of 9:00am to 5:30pm Monday to Saturday or you can email us at enquiries@grayandbull.co.uk and we will call you back, or you can go to our online booking request page by following this link.
  • We will go ask you some patient pre-appointment questions when we speak on the phone. Don't worry, these are simple 'yes or no' questions so that we can allow you to safely attend your appointment.
  • We are asking that, where possible, you attend your appointment by yourself. If you need to bring someone with you to your appointment, please let us know when we book it, as we will need to ask the questions with them as well.

Arrival at the practice

  • As all visits are now strictly by appointment, we ask that you attend your appointment as close to the time booked as possible and do not arrive too early. If you are running late, please give us a call if you are able to do so
  • Where possible, please attend your appointment by yourself. If you need to bring someone with you, please let us know before entering the practice if you haven't already notified us when you booked your appointment
  • You will need to be wearing a face covering at all times while in the practice. If you do not have your own face covering, one will be provided for you (please remember that face coverings must be worn by law in all shops and supermarkets in the U.K. from Friday 24th July).
  • You may find that the door is locked on your arrival. This will be because we already have another client in the practice. Please give us a knock on the door, and we will let you in as soon as it is safe for us to do so.
  • On entering the practice, you will be shown where you need to wait and where the hand sanitising station is. Please sanitise your hands before taking a seat.

Whilst in the practice

  • All of the frames on display are cleaned and sanitised after each client has tried them on. While you are trying on frames, we will ask you to place these into a red tray when you are finished with them. You may re-try these frames on as many times as you like. After you have finished with these frames, we will clean and sanitise them before placing them back on display.
  • Please wear your face covering at all times whilst in the practice.

After you leave

  • We have extended our testing times to 1 hour for testing. This is to allow us to complete your eye examination without rushing you and then to give us time to clean the practice ready for the next client.

We know that this is a lot to take in, and it can look and feel a little scary at times, but please do not worry. The new procedures that we have put into place are to keep you and our staff safe, while still allowing you the time you need with us.

Stay safe, and if you have any questions, please get in touch.

Team Gray & Bull

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