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“Individuality is an inalienable right, an idea that demands its own unique expressions. Our mission at j.M.M. is to empower people to make personalized impressions, by offering spectacles that are unparalleled in their commitment to craft and creativity.” - Jerome Mage


Founded in 2014 by Jerome Jacques Marie Mage, J.M.M. is a Los Angeles-based producer of limited-edition designer goods that specialize in the micro-production of high quality eyewear for a clientele of discerning tastes. They offer their two signature collections, the Circa and Vanguard collection. With each new collection, J.M.M. embraces a unique palette of precious materials, rich colors, and striking geometric forms, all of which cleverly reference and beautifully reconfigure the striking individuals, artistic movements and world events of previous centuries. All J.M.M. eyewear is ethically sourced and produced with the utmost respect for the environment and the wellbeing of its industry partners. Their products are created using fair and ethical production methods to create eyewear that ultimately presents a forward-looking take on visual empowerment.


Known for its bold aesthetic, Jacques Marie Mage’s premier quality, limited edition spectacles are crafted by the world’s finest Japanese and Italian manufacturers using only custom materials. J.M.M. unique, sculptural designs, with high attention to product details and precious materials, provide eloquent expressions for the discerning consumer. Jacques Marie Mage is the first of its kind to offer a forward-looking take on visual empowerment by embracing and creatively reconfiguring the artistic movements and world events of previous eras.


The ‘Circa Collection’ is comprised of historically inspired designs based on an extensive personal library of vintage frames, painstakingly accumulated over the last two decades from dozens of cities around the globe. Drawing on intimate associations to cultural icons that include Bob Dylan, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Henry Moore, and Joan Miró, the ‘Circa Collection’ applies modern details to classic frame shapes, resulting in timeless companions for sunny days.


The ‘Vanguard Collection’ is heavily influenced by the art deco and neo-cubist periods of the early-20th century, in which artists sought to balance and combine geometrical shapes and mixed materials to create new aesthetic forms. With these trailblazers in mind, they’ve developed their own nuanced designs that incorporate offbeat applications of cellulose acetate and precious metals. Their dual goal is nothing less than unparalleled craftsmanship and a new visual palate for women’s eyewear.


Relying on his twenty-plus years of experience in the eyewear industry, Mr. Mage selected two of the worlds most exclusive factory partners for the task of manufacturing his eponymous line of spectacles. These collaborators, in both Japan and Italy, employ fair and ethical production methods that uphold J.M.M.’s business standards of respect, compassion and transparency. Paired with artisanal technical guidance, J.M.M. redefines eyewear production methods in subtle ways, allowing for the full development of sculptural design without the obstruction of fit or comfort, enabling form and function to thrive in holistic balance. Each one of J.M.M. frames is developed through a painstaking had-crafting process. The frames are tweaked to perfection over the course of 18 months, to insure their design vision is brought to fruition. One hundred pair of hands contribute to the handcrafted artisanal process before its final arrival at their Los Angeles headquarters.


Jacques Marie Mage is a socially conscious brand with the will to assist associations in the work of national park conservation, particularly the care and protection of its wildlife. Due to nearby development, pollution, recreational uses, and other human activities, our parks and our wildlife are in jeopardy. By donating a calculated percentage of every spectacle sold to associations helping endangered wildlife, Jacques Marie Mage wishes to protect and enhance America’s National Parks for present and future generations, as well as the well being of their resident animals, which capture our curiosity and our hearts.


  • Specialize in the micro-production of premier quality, limited-edition goods
  • Utilize the world’s most renowned manufacturers, ensuring precise control and technical excellence
  • Create sculptural designs with high attention to the product details and precious materials that speak to a clientele of discerning taste
  • Each frame comes with its unique serial number creating a personal experience
  • Offer a forward-looking perspective in the context of a carefully curated lifestyle
  • Embrace and rigorously reconfigure the artistic movements and world events of previous eras



  • ARROWHEAD - Their custom signature arrowhead hardware, a nod to the timeless quality of those pointed projectiles used throughout human civilization
  • CUSTOM RIVETS - The Jacques Marie Mage Custom spur-shaped hardware rivets made of 18k gold or sterling silver adorn Circa Collection
  • BETA TITANIUM CONSTRUCTION - Many of Jacques Marie Mage frames feature monoblock titanium nose construction with subtle hairline engraving
  • DOME LOGO - J.M.M. crest emblem emcompasses the totalitly of the letters found in our namesake in a monogram
  • CONCEALED HINGE SYSTEM - The J.M.M. proprietary hinge is made out of a solid steel cylinder encasing our spring hinge system
  • SERIAL NUMBER - Each Jacques Marie Mage frame is part of a small batch, limited edition run as a testament to the ethical production methods
  • CUSTOM ACETATE - J.M.M. frames are created using custom 10mm thick Takiron acetate from Japan
  • EXCLUSIVE LENS TREATMENT - J.M.M. features anti reflecting coating and our 100% UVA and UVB protection. All lenses are etched with J.M.M. logo to assure authenticity
  • J.M.M. EYEWIRE RIM - The J.M.M. Beta titanium collection feature a never seen before 4 mm deep Titanium eye-wire rim with our signature art deco hairline engraving
  • CUSTOM NOSEPADS - J.M.M. custom titanium nose pads are ergonomical shaped paired with light engraved lines for grip and finished with our crest gently laser etched
  • TOP BAR - Unique top bar construction mixing acetate and titanium elements and materials
  • TEMPLE TIPS - J.M.M. circular tips are hand painted with our custom Burgundy enamel finish giving the frame a fine jewelry appeal



Jacques Marie Mage is created for the well-traveled man or woman who prides themselves on their discerning tastes and an exuberance of individuality. J.M.M. is a choice of many Hollywood elite and fashion influencers such as Kate Bosworth, Alessandro Squarzi, Caroline de Maigret, Kristen Stewart, Michael Polish and Kate Hudson.


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