Exclusive in Nottingham City Centre to Gray & Bull.

Taking cues from the iconic eras of film, architecture, music, and art, as well as from the people and places that make California such a unique destination, SALT. strives to create products that capture the casual elegance of California’s aspirational lifestyle.

Because high quality construction is not simply about beauty, it’s also about durability. It is eyewear that will stand up to the rigors of a life well lived. Which is all part of our commitment to creating products that are made to last.

Salt acetate frame in crystal blue colourSalt acetate frame in light brown colourInspirational image used to create salt frames
Inspirational image used to create Salt framesGray and Bull client wearing Salt framesSalt acetate frames in red colour
Salt acetate frames in a grey colourInspirational images used to create Salt framesInspirational image used to create Salt frames


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