Sheeraz Janjua - Director & Doctor of Optometry

I have been involved in Optometry for over 20 years and since 2010 I have been the owner of Gray & Bull. When younger, I was a regular patient here myself and as such I am aware of the heritage of the practice. I am in contact with the previous two generations of ownership: Derek Hirons, David Whyman and Mrs. Bull herself for guidance when needed.

When I am not at Gray & Bull I am overlooking the other practices in my group and travelling to trade shows to ensure we only dispense the very best frames and ophthalmic lenses.

I am Doctor of Optometry - having conducted postgraduate research into dry eye syndrome and nutrition.

When not busy in the world of optometry I like to spend time at home with my wife and daughters.

Dr. S A Janjua BSc(Hons) DipSv MCOptom DOptom
Director & Doctor of Optometry


My Current Frames

Anne et Valentin - Floyd     Moscot - Lemtosh     Mykita Mylon - Piccard     Theo - James 11