A. Berman - Feb '17

I’ve been going to Gray & Bull for close to twenty years and have always been well looked after by the amazing staff. The current team there are the best ever and my annual eye exam today with Anne was excellent. She’s thorough and makes you very comfortable, explaining things clearly. A great addition to the team. The selection of frames is outstanding and while I wasn’t planning on a new purchase, I found some Theo’s I couldn’t resist.



A. Dobson - Feb '17

Very personalised service and very helpful advice given. I found my experience to be great - quick and cheerful.



D. Draycott - Jan '18

I chose Gray & Bull because of the history of the shop. 1st class personal service from both Anne and Amy. I love my glasses.



N. Shillabeer - Jan '18

I chose Gray & Bull because of their choice of frames and styling options. A personalised, bespoke and friendly service.



J. Tamble - Jan '18

I chose Gray & Bull because my husband was very happy with the service. A very good experience. I always find the specs in the window look really funky.



A. Heeley - Jan '18

I had past experience with Gray & Bull when my son, who had congenital cataracts had his eyes tested and the optician recommended lens implants. Also, as the frames stocked are so individual, I brought my friend from London to choose her frames.

From the moment I walked into the shop I was given exemplary, seamless and individual service from all the staff. My style consultation, with the wonderfully patient Amy was second to none - Amy very quickly assimilated my style and personality (barmy!) and offered not only examples of suitable frames, but equally importantly, discarded examples of those which simply weren’t ‘me’ either because of fit and shape or because they were more middle of the road safe choices.

Mark too, offered examples of what he considered suitable and rose to the difficult challenge of fitting lenses to my final choice - Theo, Eye Witness double frames - a dispensing optician’s nightmare, even for one as experienced as Mark.

The optometrist, Anne gave me a very thorough eye test, explaining everything to me and reassuring me that my recent cataract operations have been wholly successful. Her professional and friendly personality certainly made me feel as if I was in very safe hands.

I was treated as an individual throughout the whole process and the team, with Darrell at the helm clearly have a marvellous working relationship with each other, respecting each other’s individual roles but with the rare ability to place the customer (however, crazy they are!) at the very centre. I loved the individual attention; hearing about how the relationships with the various frame suppliers allow Gray & Bull to offer a bespoke service, rather than stocking the usual, ubiquitous high street frames.



I. Biddle - Jan '18

I found Gray & Bull on the High Street and the display and styles of frames caught my eye. Excellent service, easy to deal with and I have already recommended you to my friends. I like my glasses too.



J. Buttress - Jan '18

Best choice of frames at Gray & Bull, excellent experience and fantastic service.



O. Piddubriwnyj - Jan '18

Gray & Bull stock top brands. Excellent experience and I will absolutely use Gray & Bull as my choice for opticians. Amy was very helpful. Thank you.



Y. James - Jan '18

I chose Gray & Bull because of their choice of lenses. I had a very good experience and also a lovely coffee.



M. Coverson - Dec '17

As far from the sterile experience on offer from High Street opticians as can be imagined. Friendly, informative staff who offer help and advice when asked. No sense of being pushed into buying what I didn't want. I was allowed to take my time, impressed by the wide range of frames, and quality on offer. Eventually I decided on a pair I really liked. Satisfied, not only with my purchase, but also with the friendly service received, I returned a few months later to buy a second pair. Can't say fairer than that!



N. Tolliday - Dec '17

Used Gray & Bull the last two times I bought my Moscot glasses, plus eye tests now and then. Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff, with good facilities and a superb range of frames. Always made to feel looked after, even when dealing with someone as awkward as I can be! Kinda hope I lose my current pair so I can go back and get some new ones.. :) Warmly recommended!



M. Billyeald - Dec '17

I have been a customer of Gray & Bull for over 8 years. I love the service they give you in a calm, lovely building. They also have great staff.



N. Lewis - Dec '17

A very good and experienced optician and very helpful store assistants. It was a fun experience, very personalised. See you for my next spectacle purchase.



E. James - Dec '17

I was recommended by N. Lewis. Excellent experience - first time I've had help choosing something that suits me more. Thank you for your help. Very professional, knowledgable and friendly.



M. Gardner - Dec '17

I have seen the shop a number of times and considered dropping in. Excellent service, very helpful and approachable.



V. Tyas - Nov '17

I was recommended by a friend as I wanted a statement frame. Amazing, friendly, knowledgable service. I loved the experience.



J. Smith - Nov '17

I was recommended by P. Rushbridge. An excellent, personal service.



H. Janjua - Nov '17

I chose Gray & Bull due to their very good internet reviews. They have a great range. Excellent, wonderful staff who are very helpful and well informed. Thank you.



S. Broadbent - Nov '17

Recommended by S.Preston. Very helpful and a much more consise and considered collection of glasses than other opticians. Thank you!



C. Balderstone - Nov '17

Highly recommended by a customer (S. Preston). Excellent, friendly, helpful with a great modern choice. Thank you for my first new glasses in 20 years.



C. Bevitt - Nov '17

I have been to Gray & Bull before and have always been happy with my glasses. My experience was very good as it was about what I wanted and needed, not what was available. Brilliant service.



E. Galletti - Nov '17

I have always been to Gray & Bull and always find the expeience to be excellent.



M. Wright - Nov '17

Gray & Bull give attention to detail and have very pleasant staff. They are more thorough and have more knowledge than other opticians. Keep up the good work and thanks for the coffee.



A. Gospel - Nov '17

I was referred by my son, T Gospel, to come to Gray & Bull. They give you more time and detail than other opticians.



D. Wright - Nov '17

I wanted a particular type of glasses. I looked in store and saw an excellent range, so went ahead with an eye test. Excellent experience - 10/10 in all respects. Many thanks.



D. Adams - Oct '17

I initially wanted a certain type of frames but after talking with the (very friendly and professional) staff I settled on a pair that looked much better than what I had in mind! The range of glasses is exceptional and service is top quality



Anonymous - Oct '17

I chose Gray & Bull because of their choice of frames. The experience was friendly and unrushed. Much better than feeling like being on a conveyor belt.



V. Cornall - Oct '17

I found Gray & Bull on the internet. They were very helpful and it was a fun experience.



Z. Johnston - Oct '17

Fantastic, friendly, attentive, expert service. Having had a truly horrendous experience with ***** I went to Gray & Bull (so glad I did!). The staff are warm and friendly, they listen well and gave really helpful advice if needed. The sight test felt relaxed and very thorough. I got to choose frames from a wide range with advice on hand too. Cannot recommend Gray & Bull highly enough. A really professional service with welcoming staff and top quality glasses.



David Glazebrook - Oct '17

I was recommended by my wife, C. Glazebrook. Very good experience.



S. Burrows-Flower - Oct '17

I chose Gray & Bull as I had an instict that it would be a good service. It is by far the best opticians. All the advice given to me was excellent.



S. Smith - Oct '17

I love the personal touch and the attention to detail. They really care about your eyes. Compared to other opticians they explain things in a lot more detail. A very good, all round, caring opticians - need I say more?



N. Balmer - Oct '17

I was recommended to come to Gray & Bull by A. Marriott. I had prviously been for sunglasses last summer. I love the 5 star friendly and personal service. 



M. Baker - Oct '17

I chose Gray & Bull because it is known as the place to go, and I've never been anywhere else. My new Maui Jim sunglasses are a sensation. The experience at Gray & Bull gets better. It's so friendly and they gave us lots of time for today's visit.



R. Baker - Oct '17

Friendly but professional. I felt more confident in staff and choice of frames compared to other opticians.



A. Greene - Oct '17

I have come back to Gray & Bull after having a good experience many years ago. Excellent service from the team.



B. Guilor - Oct '17

I chose Gray & Bull as my previous opticians cancelled my appointment. I am very happy with the whole experience.



S. Evans - Oct '17

I chose Gray & Bull because I like thier frames. It was lovely dealing with the team. Thank you.



E. Maddams - Oct '17

I chose Gray & Bull as they had a better choice of frames. Very attentive customer service.



M. Hooley - Oct '17

I have used Gray & Bull for 5 years. Very personal service, an excellent opticians. I have recommended Gray & Bull to my friends.



D. Pink - Oct '17

I was recommended by C. Pink to come to Gray & Bull. The experience was excellent with a very professional service. I will not go anywhere else.



L. Phillips - Oct '17

I love coming to Gray & Bull, they are so good. I have great fun trying on different glasses.



C. Pink - Oct '17

Gray & Bull give a personal one to one service. Everything is explained and they allow plenty of time to do this. The staff are much more informative and helpful and they are not trying to sell extras which are not needed. Brilliant staff, very friendly.



J. Friedman - Oct '17

I have been coming to Gray & Bull for years. They are local, have plenty of choice and offer good clinical care with careful explanations.



J. Gatto - Oct '17

I chose Gray & Bull because it looked like an interesting shop. The staff were very knowledgeable and are a great team!



J. Kidd - Oct '17

After being in denial I finally bought myself a pair of reading glasses! The staff were really friendly and attentive. They stock a wide range of really cool frames and it was fun trying the different styles and getting a second opinion from the lovely girls that work there. A much more personal service than the high street chains. Would definitely recommend!



C. Newton - Oct '17

I have been to Gray & Bull before and have been pleased with my glasses. Excellent experience. Amy and the team were brilliant and made me feel confident and able to choose a frame today. Thank you!



R. Briggs - Oct '17

I chose Gray & Bull because of their choice of frames. Good customer service. Thank You.



A. Smith - Oct '17

I am a repeat customer of Gray & Bull and have always found my experience to be very good.



C. Parker - Oct '17

Gray & Bull were the only opticians who could source a frame for me. They were very helpful.



R. Roberts - Oct '17

I chose Gray & Bull because of the selection of glasses and the shop front. The staff were very friendly and professional. Brilliant service.



A. Harvey - Oct '17

I randomly popped in to Gray & Bull. I had noticed the shop before and like the established look. My experience was fab with great styling tips - thanks :-)



B. Dowse - Sep '17

I went in thinking I suited one particular shape of glasses, but with some really helpful consultation (which was also a lot of fun) I came out with a pair that I'd never have thought I'd suit. The two ladies that helped me were really knowledgable but also knew what glasses were 'cool' and would suit me. I'd previously been in three shops in Nottingham that day and one thing I noticed immediately was the much wider variety of qwerkier glasses at Gray and Bull. Thanks to the whole team!



D. Adams - Sep '17

I initially wanted a certain type of frames but after talking with the (very friendly and professional) staff I settled on a pair that looked much better than what I had in mind! The range of glasses is exceptional and service is top quality



M. Calvo - Sep'17

I was recommended by my G.P. I love the design of the frames. I also value the fact that the business has been running for 2 centuries. I feel I had a more accurate test at Gray & Bull than other opticians that I have been to and the staff there are very friendly and were able to answer my questions.



J. Bontoft - Sep'17

I was recommended by a friend. I found the experience to be great and I love the tea and coffee selection.



L. Forristal - Sep'17

I always liked the glasses in the window when I walked past. Gray & Bull are friendly and quick with a better range of glasses than other opticians.



M. Gill - Sep'17

Excellent choice of frames offered. More personal service than available in a chain optician.



P. Stapleton - Sep '17

I like that the staff are really friendly and helpful. Excellent service and very professional. I would highly recommend Gray & Bull.



C. Dale - Sep '17

Excellent experience, very helpful.



A. Murray - Sep '17

I chose Gray & Bull because of the reviews on their website. Very helpful staff with good advice and efficient service.



M. Hutchinson - Sep '17

I would certainly reccomend Gray & Bull because the whole team are very polite and helpful. They are the best opticians in town, 100%. Keep up the good work.



S. Foster - Sep '17

I chose Gray & Bull because of the selection of glasses in the store window and the helpful staff. They are much more personalised and give their time in helping you choose the right frame.



J. Kidd - Sep '17

I chose Gray & Bull as it is local and popular with friends. Excellent service - very friendly and efficient.



I. Jones - Sep '17

I have been coming to Gray & Bull for 50 years and would never go anywhere else.



R. Ellis - Sep '17

Great selection of frames offered. Much more personal and professional than other opticians.



R. Skermer - Sep '17

I chose Gray & Bull because of their location and the look of the shop exterior. They are excellent. I had great help in choosing my frames and they made me feel at ease.



L. Wood - Sep '17

They have a great selection of frames. They are really helpful and friendly in helping me choose a new frame. Thank you!



N. Pacey - Sep '17

I chose Gray & Bull as they are always available. They have a fantastic choice of frames, not the usual high street glasses. They offer a great personal service. Friendly and efficient staff.



P. Mace - Sep '17

I am a long standing customer of Gray & Bull. They offer a very efficient service. I have never been to any other opticians as Gray & Bull are excellent - nice warm atmosphere and friendly staff.



D. Melbourne - Sep '17

I have used Gray & Bull in the past - they are brilliant. My overall experience was excellent. Amy was so helpful. I will always recommend Gray & Bull.



F. Ryan - Sep '17

The range of brands is what drew me to look at the store. Purchasing here was down to the fantastic service received from Amy. Personal touch is appreciated.



P. Dixon - Sep '17

I am a regular customer to Gray & Bull. They have excellent customer service and a great choice of frames.



S. Harraway - Sep '17

I chose Gray & Bull because of their reputation, quality of service and product range. Amy was friendly and helpful. Much more friendly and personal service. It's nice to be recognised and known by name. It's a great location and a great building. Can't wait to see the refurb.



T. Gospel - Sep '17

I was recommended by a friend to come to Gray & Bull. Excellent service - Top staff. They are better than the rest. This has been my best experience in an opticians.



P. Conway - Aug '17

I first started coming to Gray & Bull two years ago after finding the shop when I walked past. I've never been to another opticians since. Great service!



S. Preston - Aug '17

I chose Gray & Bull because of the heritage and reputation of the shop as well as the range of limited edition frames and the quality of those frames. The experience I had was excellent! Great optom and sales support.



J. Abbott - Aug '17

I have been coming to Gray & Bull for years because it's an independent and gives a personal service.



R. Forth - Aug'17

I was recommended to use Gray & Bull by A. Berman. The staff are friendly, helpful and give great service.



N. Tolliday - Aug '17

I have brought glasses and had eye tests before at Gray & Bull. The staff are really helpful and friendly and they have a great selection of frames. I have visited other opticians in London before but Gray & Bull rule. Thank you!



M. Dennis - Aug '17

I have been coming to Gray & Bull for years, never been anywhere else and never would. They were all very kind.



A. Thomas - Aug '17

I found Gray & Bull when passing by. They were a great help in finding glasses. The experience was great and they gave great advice.



A. Longden & M. Longden

We chose Gray & Bull as we were following in our parents footsteps. Three generations have now used Gray & Bull. The experience was very good. Standard of testing and duty of care first rate. Feel looked after, much better than other opticians. The confidence that comes from knowing professional and exacting standards are applied is hugely important when dealing with our eyesight.



S. Rajakaruna - Aug '17

I was walkin past and saw that Gray & Bull was a very established business. Very good experience.



A. Berman - Aug '17

Excellent opticians and the best selection of frames I've ever seen including New York City. I love you all! xoxoxo



J. Parry - Aug '17

I was recommended to come to Gray & Bull by my daughter. They are much more professional compared to other opticians. Good atmosphere.



A. White - Aug '17

I was recommended to come to Gray & Bull. I have already received compliments on my glasses, having only been wearing them for a few hours. Staff were happy to spend many hours with me while I chose my glasses. The choice at Gray & Bull is far more wide ranging than other high street opticians.



P. Parry - Aug '17

I was recommended to come to Gray & Bull by a friend. I saw the glasses I wanted and thought they were fabulous and stylish. Excellent customer service. I will definately come again. Gray & Bull is more than JUST an opticians.



J. G. White - Aug '17

My wife recommended Gray & Bull when it first became obvious that I needed glasses. I have always found the service and attention to detail, excellent.



C.Shield - Aug '17

I was recommended by various contacts. I found the experience much, much better compared to other opticians. I felt all the staff were interested to make sure I have effective lenses. I will recommend you to others. Thank you!



K. Henley - Aug '17

Many thanks to the staff at Gray & Bull, Pelham Street, Nottingham for 5 star service. The urgent repair to my glasses was carried out in store with the expertise and friendly help that again emphasizes my choice of Gray & Bull as the opticians for Nottingham.



M. Thompson - Aug '17

The service given when my daughters bought their glasses was amazing and I decided to buy my next pair at Gray & Bull. The staff knew the glasses that would suit as soon as they met me - they were 100% correct. Much better service than other opticians. I felt the staff listened to me and helped me 100%. All I can say is just "Thank You".



J. Kobub - Aug '17

Gray & Bull have more helpful staff than other opticians that have I been to. Great service.



E. Matthews - Aug '17

I chose Gray & Bull because of their large choice of Ray-Bans in the window. There was so much choice that I had to go to a cafe to think. Great experience. Thank you!



K. Thompson - Aug '17

They have the best glasses in Nottingham! Amy was very helpful and put up with how indecisive I was. Amazing experience. I felt like they spent time getting exactly what I wanted and made me feel very special. A massive thank you to the entire team.



M. King - Aug '17

The team at Gray & Bull were great. Very helpful. My experience was fab, it's a great shop.



J. Bell - Aug '17

I chose Gray & Bull because of their good reputation. I found the service to be very good.



P. Turner - Aug '17

I chose Gray & Bull for the traditional service. They give personal care and attention. I am always well treated.



J. Garner - Aug '17

Excellent experience.



C. Bunker - Aug '17

I was recommended by a family member. I found the staff to be very helpful and professional (especially Mark who is always very helpful).



S. Bacha - Aug '17

I was recommended by my wife. Very good experience compared to other opticians.



K. Hutchinson - Aug '17

I chose Gray & Bull because of the professional nature of the company. They were very reassuring, everybody I dealt with was very friendly.



T. Scutt - Aug '17

They were very attentive and professional. My partner used then previously and my mother-in-law is a customer also. Extensive eye test and thorough investigation of frames and lenses. I was impressed at the service. All the staff were very knowledgable and helpful.



L. Thompson - Aug '17

I chose Gray & Bull as I bought my glasses from them last time and they're really good quality. This time I decided to get my eyesight tested there too. Gray and Bull are so much better. I felt listened to and there's a great selection. Thank you!



S. Davin - Aug '17

I do not like chain stores and chose Gray & Bull because of the traditional appearance of the practice. They are much better than the multiples.



S. Clark - Aug '17

I came to Gray & Bull for their personal service and care. They were excellent and extremely helpful when helping me choose the correct frames and lenses. Thanks.



S. Robinson - Aug '17

I have been coming to Gray & Bull for many years. I chose them because they are an independent practice and they give good advice.



D. Elston - Aug '17

I chose Gray & Bull as they are an independent and not part of a large chain. I found my experiance to be personal, professional and friendly



J. Woodward - Jul '17

My previous optician was a small independent business. When he retired I wanted the same. Excellent eye test and efficient service, quicker than my previous optician. I hope to continue at Gray & Bull.



L. Underhill - Jul '17

I chose Gray & Bull because of the services offered. I wanted an Oakley prescription lens from an independent optician. I found the team to be friendly and helpful. Thanks!



G. Burrage - Jul '17

I was recommended by friends. Other people love my glasses and ask where I got them from. I found the experiance relaxed, thorough. I was really satisfied. Thank you!



L. Stafford - Jul '17

I saw the sign for Ray-Ban precription lenses in the window. Great service and a very good experience. I was kept well informed.



D. Rollinson & I. Rollinson - Jul '17

We have used Gray & Bull for over 25 years. Since Sheeraz took over the frames are better than ever. They always strive to obtain what we want. They have the best selection of frames outside London. Gray & Bull staff are more knowledgeable than any other opticians. Excellent receptionist in Carly, and professional fitting service.



M. Slack - Jul '17

I was recommended by a friend many years ago and have been coming to Gray & Bull ever since. I am always satisfied with the service.



D. Franks - Jul '17

Great location and best selection of frames (Tom Ford and Persol). Better personal service and friendly staff.



D. Holloway - Jul '17

I have been coming to Gray & Bull for several years. They are always helpful and nice to deal with. Family and friends recommend them too.



S. Williams - Jul '17

I chose Gray & Bull because I knew they sold designer frames. I found the staff were very helpful and they gave good advice in choosing frames.



P. Conergan - Jul '17

I chose Gray & Bull as I was recommended by a friend. I found the overall experience excellent. Very friendly service. A very pleasant experience.



E. Parry - Jul '17

I chose Gray & Bull as I have used them before. They have the funkiest frames in Nottingham. I found my overall experience excellent. Very professional, attentive and assured. The assistants who helped me choose my frames were brilliant!



L. Lacey - Jul '17

I have been a long standing customer of Gray & Bull. My overall experience is all good, very helpful.



S. Gibson - Jul '17

I've been shopping at Gray & Bull for many years and have never been to another optician (and I have no plans to start either). I'm very happy with the overall service and the quality of the product.



L. Cashin - Jun '17




K. Henley - Jun '17

Quality service from quality opticians.



A. Sargent - Jun '17

My overall experience was wonderful, with each staff member making an effort to cater for what I was looking for.



A. Tatton - Jun '17

Excellent opticians. Very personal service.



A. Hama - Jun '17

We have been going for over 30 years! Very good, personal service!



N. Barrard - Jun '17

I chose Gray & Bull as I have found previously that they do a better range of glasses than other stores in Nottingham. After waiting over an hour to gain someones attention in a rival opticians my husband advised me to go to Gray & Bull. As soon as I walked into the shop Amy was amazing. She helped pick my glasses and was fantastic. I found the service from everyone at Gray & Bull fantastic. Amy was professional, friendly and very helpful and Jon talked me through the lenses. I felt the service was tailored to me. I will never go anywhere else to get my glasses.



R. Hunt - Jun '17

I saw the lovely range of frames in the window. I found the overall experience with Gray & Bull to be excellent. Great eye test, very personal service and the ladies in the front of house were very helpful and friendly.



M. Taylor - Jun '17

I came into Gray & Bull for a browse and was very impressed by the stock. I have had loads of comments on the glasses I chose (my 12 year old granson even gave me thumbs up). I found Gray & Bull more personal compared to other opticians and less pushy. The staff were very friendly and helpful and I was made to feel very comfortable.



A. Sargent - Jun '17

I had walked past the shop and had been attracted to the frames various times. They have a huge variety of frames that you can't find on the high street. Wonderful experience. Lots of feedback from all the staff. Each made an effort to cater to what I was looking for. Thank you very much!



C. Frake - Jun '17

I like the style of the frames on offer. Great service.



J. Bethell - Jun '17

I was looking on the internet for glasses that were different, that's when I found Gray & Bull. They gave great customer care (and also a nice brew!). Cheers.



M. Rathmell - Jun '17

I came to Gray & Bull as I was looking for sunglasses. I found the experiance very good. Amy and the rest of the staff were very helpful. Nothing was too much trouble.



J. Manly - Jun '17

You get a personal service. They do not rush you through in about an hour (unlike some multiples). I was asked by a friend why I was still wearing my sunglasses inside - they were so comfy I forgot I had them on. I feel with Gray & Bull you are properly looked after by professionals all the way from testing to fitting. Gray & Bull only have the highest quality products.



A. Davis - Jun '17

I love my glasses. They are the best I have ever seen. Brilliant experience.



P. Handley - May '17

Thoroughly recommend Gray & Bull in Notts, superb customer service from start to finish.



P. Edwards - May '17

They sold the glasses that I was after (a very good range). I had been looking for glasses which suited me for 2 years. The service was second to none. Friendly staff and they knew what they were talking about. I would reccomend Gray & Bull to anyone.



V. Lowndes - May '17

I chose Gray & Bull because of their window display of unusual designer glasses. They were great and efficient, professional and courteous.



C. Ing - May '17

My wife came to Gray & Bull who strongly recommended them. The experience was superb! Very impressed by all aspects of contact with staff.



G. Flint - May '17

I have been a customer with Gray & Bull for many years. Their eye care & customer service is truly exceptional. Following some recent retinal eye surgery, the excellent teams at both Gray & Bull and John Flynn have helped me immensely. I would like to personally thank both Sheeraz & Mark for all their time, help, patience and much needed expertise. All the staff are extremely caring and professional. I will definitely recommend Sheeraz and his whole team to all my friends and family, especially for anyone who has experienced any type of eye surgery. Many thanks to you & your team.



T. Boddington - May '17

I like the shop front as it looks different with the stylish glasses on display and the range of glasses. I also like the personal service. It was very interesting to hear about the different manufacturers. The individual customer service was polite and friendly. I wasn't treated like "just another customer". Gray & Bull provided creative solutions to my short sightedness. I have not come across this at other opticians.



E. Thompson - May '17

I chose Gray & Bull because a family member had a great previous experience. My experience was really great! Personal, informative and they matched the glasses to my face. Thank you!



H. Morris - May '17

I chose Gray & Bull because of their very fashionable and different spectacles / glasses frames on display in the window. I wore my Anne et Valentin glasses and my friend thought they had black frames at night. But in the daylight they're a wonderful green / blue (teal) colour - amazing. Choosing the glasses was a pleasure - as the girls in the shop were very helpful and truthful - Excellent!



M. Batty - Mar '17

I wish to convey my thanks and gratitude to Gray & Bull, in particular Mr Jignesh Patel. I chose to visit G&B for a routine eye sight test and Mr Patel suspected I had a cataract in one eye. This was news to me. He recommended I see a specialist, which I did. The specialist confirmed Mr Patel's diagnosis and said that the cataract had probably been there for 10-20 years! I had previously had my eyes tested at the best known High Street opticians and with all of their technology, never spotted the problem. Thank you to Gray & Bull.



C. Watts - Feb '17

I chose Gray & Bull for their range of frames. This is my first pair of glasses and I found the staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks.



A. Berman - Feb '17

I love my new Face a Face frames and also looking forward to picking up my new Anne et Valentin frames with tinted lenses. Now I just need some sunshine and a good book.



S. Turner - Feb '17

My new reading glasses are wonderful especially as I thought I was easily getting by without them... what a difference they make!



J. Watson - Jan '17

Excellent window display.



K. Henley - Dec '16

Another pair of superb glasses. Many thanks to Sheeraz Janjua and the professional team at Gray & Bull.



K. Henley - Nov '16

I would like to thank you most sincerely for the help and kindness you gave to me after I made the mistake regarding the frames for my glasses. Yourself and your staff offered customer service and expertise that makes Gray and Bull easily the opticians of choice in Nottingham. Many thanks indeed.



M. Saxton - Apr '16

A friendly, traditional practice that puts customer care as their first thought, which is very refreshing. Superb range of frames and sunglasses. Sheeraz your team are a credit to you. Thank you.



N. Donald - Jul '15

Great service, much more personal than the bigger companies! Great test with Sheeraz, new frames delivered to my work address in the time promised. Perfect service.



A. Berman - Jul '13

Excellent opticians using up to date equipment and absolutely fabulous selection of frames. The service has always been top notch from this independent optician. Miles better than high street chains. I wouldn't go anywhere else.



C. Smith - Apr '13

Traditional friendly practice offering first class quality service and products, with the best choice of frames I've seen in any opticians. Would recommend to anyone.